Kitty Corner

In March of 2010, CCHS opened Kitty Corner, an innovative new partnership with Contra Costa County Animal Services. Kitty Corner is a private shelter that houses adult, senior and special needs cats.  During kitten season, we often have kittens available on-site as well.

These cats are able to free-roam throughout Kitty Corner at all times, lounging in the sun and sprawling out on numerous beds, cat towers, chairs and perches.


A poem written by Kitty Corner volunteer Emil:

There’s a place in Pleasant Hill
Where cats and kittens roam
Waiting for that special day
To find a great new home

So many friends come to say hi
Everyone laughs and plays
The cats don’t mind hanging around
Just for a few more days

For someone to come and meet
A furry friend to be
Something more at Kitty Corner
Your brand new family

Why do we feel this endeavor is so important?

Simply put, until animal overpopulation is under control, many loving animals will continue to find themselves without a home. In particular, during kitten season, many wonderful adult cats are overlooked for smaller, newborn kittens and consequently, as kittens flood public shelters, adult cats are often euthanized due to lack of space and high competition. While Animal Services tries very hard to find homes for them all, the sheer number of animals surrendered makes this a very difficult feat. In addition, the current economy has meant that many more domesticated, friendly companion animals are surrendered while their families struggle to make ends meet.

In order to help animals in need within our own county, CCHS opened Kitty Corner in March, 2010. It is a first-of-its-kind partnership between a rescue organization and a public shelter within Contra Costa County that provides off-site space for Animal Services’ cats. When the cats run out of time being held as Animal Services’ cats, they become CCHS foster cats and stay at Kitty Corner until adopted.  All of these cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, FeLV/FIV tested and vaccinated and are ready to go to their new home!

Seniors for Seniors Program

Animals provide comfort and companionship to us at any age, but the need can be especially important to senior citizens who may be separated from family, live alone, or be challenged with a medical condition.  Similarly, senior animals are often overlooked at shelters and passed by for younger versions, leaving them all too often to be euthanized.  Seniors pets provide companionship and affection that studies have shown to help decrease blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and help ease symptoms of depression.  With age and experience comes wisdom and grace!

Each weekend, all senior cats at Kitty Corner who are 7 years and older can be adopted by senior citizens age 65 years and older for a reduced adoption fee (50%).  Standard adoption protocols apply.  Verification of age will be required.

Interested in meeting one of our Kitty Corner cats?

If you are interested in meeting any of the Kitty Corner cats available at CCHS, please view our available cats (please note that not all cats listed reside in Kitty Corner; some are in foster homes.  Each cat is specifically noted with location.).  Please click here for our most current adoptions hours and events!

See all the cats in the Adoption Gallery!

If you do not see a cat that fits your needs, please view other cats available for adoption at Contra Costa County Animal Services (

Interested in volunteering at or donating to Kitty Corner?

If you are interested in volunteering with Kitty Corner to help clean and socialize, please complete a volunteer application or call our volunteer department at (925) 279-2247, ext. 301.

If you are interested in making a donation to Kitty Corner, financial donations are appreciated, as are any of the following supplies:

  • New or slightly-used clean & disinfected cat towers
  • All brands of canned wet food (non-prescription, please)
  • Blue Buffalo clumping cat litter
  • Clean, sanitized cat carriers
  • Unused cat toys

Kitty Corner would like to thank Contra Costa County Animal Services and Valley Veterinary Hospital for their dedication to our cats’ medical health!