2016 is Contra Costa Humane Society’s 25th Year Anniversary!

CCHS 25th Anniversary

 $25,000 Fundraising Goal

We invite you to celebrate with us all year long.  The first 1000 people to donate $25 or more to CCHS will receive a commemorative 25th Anniversary silicon wrist band.  You will also have your name listed on this page as one of the CCHS 25th Anniversary supporters.

For a limited time if you donate $50 or more you will also receive this Contra Costa Humane Society 25th Anniversary Commemorative Tote Bag:
25th Gift Bag

You can donate online at the link below, mail a check (please write “25th Anniversary” in the memo), or donate in person at our office in Pleasant Hill.

If your donation totals $250 or more, you qualify to have a professional photo taken of your pet and displayed in a Pet Food Express store through Pet Food Express’ My Mutt Program! For more details, please visit: https://www.petfoodexpress.com/my-mutt/my-mutt-program/.

Donate now to our 25th Anniversary Campaign

Adoption Goal

You can also support CCHS by adopting.  Our goal is to find forever homes for at least 25 animals per month for a total of 300 adoptions this year.

View our adoptable cats and adoptable dogs!

Adoptions by Month:

January = 24 adoptions

February = 20 adoptions

March = 19 adoptions

April = 30 adoptions

May = 25 adoptions

June = 34 adoptions

July = 34 adoptions

August = 23 adoptions

September = 41 adoptions

October = 45 adoptions

November = 29 adoptions

December = 43 adoptions

#FF0000 Raised 367 towards the 300 target.

Thank You 25th Anniversary Supporters:

Thanks to you we have raised $19,639.54!   We have $5,360.46 more to go.

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Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Marti Anthony
Jennifer Apkarian
Mitzi Asato
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#FF0000 Raised $20,640 towards the $25,000 target.