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Category: Success Tails

Senior Boy Joe

We adopted Joe a few months ago. He was dropped at the shelter with no history, and his age was estimated to be ‘at least’ 13 years. He has a definite hitch in his gait, which appeared to be getting a bit worse, so we took him to the vet to see if arthritis meds would help. Turns out…

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Penguin Takes Over

We adopted Penguin a few months ago, and he’s managed to take over the household. He’s quite the lap cat (he weighs 16 lbs) and has a very vigorous purr. He’s curiosity personified, can’t stand closed doors, always trying to find a way to open them. Often he succeeds with closet and cabinet doors, and gives you the ‘what?’…

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Our big snugglebug

My 12 year old daughter had wanted a pit bull for quite some time but my husband and I were hesitant about it with their reputation. My daughter found an adorable picture of Lexi online, only 3 months old, so I figured she probably didn’t have any behavior issues yet. We inquired about her and her foster mom assured…

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Red Ryder finds a loving home

Red Ryder (in the front) came home with me last night. He had lived with his loving foster parents Nicole and Debbie for 9 months after being saved from destruction at a shelter. His new big brother Jake loves him as much as I do! He is so sweet and smiles all the time. They run and play and…

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My Cat Tigger …

Tigger was adopted as a kitten and just turned 12. Besides a few cat-astrophes, he’s a really great cat. Please keep up the great work, CCHS!!! You are so knowledgeable and super nice to work with!

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