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  • Mocha


    A year and 2 months ago, My Fiancé at the time and I had just moved into our new apartment, we decided that it would be perfect for us to get a friend from the Contra Costa Humane Society.
    This is where we met Mocha, My Now wife and I fell in love from the moment we saw him.
    He has brightened up our lives and he is not just a dog or a friend to us, he’s family , he was there with us to celebrate our wedding as well as many other important events.
    We love him unconditionally , he was perfect for us from the beginning , We couldn’t have been luckier to find him.
    He is 2 years old, has a younger brother
    Named Milo who is currently a kitty, they get along great.
    Mocha loves sniffing around, going on walks, and cuddling all day long!
    We have had him for only one year, but we are beyond exited to see what the future holds in store for our little family .
    Michael, Manuela, Milo and Mocha Davis .

  • IMG 0771

    Three’s Company

    We adopted 3 cats from CCHS a little over a year ago. We fell in love with the beautiful Lily, the lovable goof Bam Bam (formerly Jackson) and the fat loaf of a cat Lola. Lily (the birman) had just gotten over scabies and huge weight loss when we first got her but now she is a healthy fluffy huge love bug who loves to play fetch! Bam Bam (the orange one) had some congenital breathing difficulties but that all seems to have cleared up other than his adorable honking when he purrs. Lola (the grey one) has come out of her shell quite a bit since we first met her and thanks to a new diet is looking far more trim. They are best buddies and we cannot imagine our lives without them.

  • Dukey


    I adopted Duke (was Davey) in August 2013 and we have been attached at the hip ever since. He is a very easy-going, mild tempered boy with a very big, goofy heart. He can’t control his tail or his licker and loves everyone he meets. I have found that we can’t have any soft toys or kongs because he will destroy them, but he’ll settle for a nylabone or a rope to play with. He can be a bit timid when trying new things but once he gets used to them he can’t help but be excited. He now has an older boxer brother and immediately bonded to him and now they’re best buds. Having his brother around has helped him gain some confidence and now he loves going to the dog park and the beach. He is amazingly patient around kids unless they pull on his ears and he has adapted very well to becoming a big brother to a baby human. I know I can always count on him for snuggles, stealing the blankets, snoring, and hogging the bed.

    I want to thank the folks at CCHS for letting me adopt my best friend. I believe it is one of the best things I’ve done and I’m sure he feels the same. These past 3 years have been a blast and I look forward to many more adventures with this goof ball.

  • Image

    I’m Finally Home!

    Hi! My name is Hildy, but the wonderful ladies at the Contra Costa Humane Society knew me as Sophie. I came to them in August, after trying out two other homes. I can be a little temperamental sometimes, and I was starting to think maybe I would never find my forever home. That was okay, though. The women at the Humane Society got to know me, took wonderful care of me and grew to love me.

    In March, I finally found my person and my forever home. The woman who adopted had been thinking about adopting a cat for months and visited several adoption fairs and reviewed thousands of pet profiles online. She says that when she saw my picture and read my profile, she just knew that I was her cat. We met at the Humane Society office, where she was warned that sometimes I bite and I might not adjust well to living wit her roommate’s dog. While she was getting the scoop, I crawled into her pet carrier and never came out. I wasn’t going to let her get away!

    It’s April now, and I have been in my new home for a month! Life couldn’t be better! I love to watch the squirrel’s and birds play outside the windows, or relax in my cat tunnel. I’m a big fan of Real Housewives and Dancing with the Stars, and although she knows she shouldn’t, my person sometimes shares her favorite goldfish crackers with me. I love to play in the sink and help out with laundry. I still bite sometimes, but it is usually when I’m feeling playful or affectionate, and I get along just fine with the dog. I love my person so much, and I know she loves me!

    I’m so grateful to the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Humane Society for never giving up on, and for trusting my person to take me into her home. They made me feel loved and safe until I could find my forever home!

  • Gretel

    Gretel, formerly Girly

    Gretel arrived at her new home in Oakland in February 2015. She was a little timid at first, getting used to her new home and to her new “brothers” Luke the Shepard mix dog and Anderson Cooper the Maine coon! Every week she gets more and more comfortable and now sleeps at night on the bed with the rest of the family! Her meow is more of a cute squeak and she loves to play. She’s a very friendly cat and approaches new visitors confidently and enthusiastically in the hopes of getting a head rub! Thanks to Tammy Rieser and Contra Costa Humane for introducing me to this beautiful and sweet kitty!!

  • Lots of love and laughs

    We adopted Willow in 2012 she had been your longest resident at the time. It took her a while to warm up to us but she has blossomed since we first brought her home. She use to hide from us the first few days we took her home once we couldn’t find her and after several minutes of looking we found her hiding in the fireplace. However after about a week with us she insisted on sleeping in bed with us but only after waiting on the nightstand til she thought we are asleep and continues this routine to this day. She loves to share bananas, yogurt and brussels sprouts with us. She spends countless hours playing with her toys and chasing her tail. She loves to close all the bedroom doors in the house and we have to put doorstops down so she doesn’t lock herself in the rooms. She makes us laugh and gives us love everyday and we are so happy she came into our lives.

  • Carmine, the best cat ever

    CC Humane had a storefront in Lafayette in when I started a new job nearby in May 1998, I would go in and visit the kitties on my walk to/from BART. There was one big, black and very shy male cat who had been rescued in January 1998. He held out under a car in a parking lot for several hours and was named “Car-mine” — he was so shy, but I couldn’t resist. I would visit him and pet him, but leave before he got anxious and looked like he wanted to run. Pretty soon, the staff were asking “When are you taking your cat home?” Finally, in October 1998, I took him home and my other cat, Missy, was not too happy about that. He won her heart, and they were best friends til she died a few years later. He was skittish and gentle, and over a few years turned into a very sweet, trusting, loving cat who would snuggle up with me when I read and roll onto his back so I could rub his belly. He was always good with other cats, and despite his very big size (a lean 16-18 lbs most of his healthy life) — he never hissed at or fought with other cats (even though I brought in two fiesty boys in 2004 and 2005). Carmine had a very good memory — he would remember and greet friends of mine as though they were his first. He was very cleaver — he could open closet doors and showed the other cats how to open drawers. After 15 years together, he started really losing weight — and despite medication and surgery, he succumbed to lymphoma in June 2014. Carmine was very sweet, gentle and loving presence and I miss him very much. Carmine is the at the top of the photo, with his buddies Dobson (middle, East Bay SPCA) & Mercy (failed feral from TNR) and George (head tucked, Berkeley Humane).

  • Frankie July 2014


    Frankie came to my home in May 2014. He is super happy to be able to run and play in his new fenced yard! Every day he brings me happiness and laughter and we give a shout out (and a bark) of thanks to everyone involved in helping Frankie find me!

  • DSCN0192

    Danny Boy

    Without a doubt I know that my new kitten was a gift from God. God knew that Danny and I needed each other. I had recently lost my cat and companion of 13 years, Dexter. He had Cancer and I had to say goodbye. It was one the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. My friend Mary is a Vet Tech and knew a woman named Denise who was fostering some kittens. Mary posted a picture of Danny on my Facebook page. He was very photogenic wearing his tuxedo and all. I decided to visit the foster home. There I met other kittens and an older cat. Danny who was named “Rudder” (he has a kinked tail) at the time, came right up to me being very lovable. He was a friendly, social and had a very loud purr motor. I knew he was the one. Danny has only been with me for 3 weeks, but it seems as if we have been together longer. He is smart, lovable, playful and oh so cuddly. We are very happy together. I thank God and I thank his foster mother Denise for loving him and socializing him after his rescue. Denise has a great big heart for animals and I admire her for that.

  • The Story of Rory, Our Wiggly-butt Pup

    We are so happy to have brought home our newest family member, Rory! Her foster mom, Melissa, was so wonderful and made the experience of adopting easier and that much better. We had been looking for a pup for some time, when one day we stumbled upon a photo of Rory at the contra costa humane society, took one look into those eyes, read the description and fell in love. Within minutes of meeting her she rolled over and asked us to scratch her belly. We took her home that day and couldn’t be happier that we did. She loves ice cubes, almost just as much as she loves food! She loves playing with her best pal, Jeff the kitty, and every other animal she meets. Everyone she meets tells us how much of a sweetheart she is. Our little wiggly-butt Rory is so curious and always ready to play! Thank you, Contra Costa Humane Society & Melissa for everything you do and making us the happiest pup parents!

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