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    Senior Boy Joe

    We adopted Joe a few months ago. He was dropped at the shelter with no history, and his age was estimated to be ‘at least’ 13 years. He has a definite hitch in his gait, which appeared to be getting a bit worse, so we took him to the vet to see if arthritis meds would help. Turns out he was anemic and had an irregular heart beat. The wonderful news is that after a week of meds he’s strong and up to his old self, which is begging for treats. He’s the sweetest boy, and we hope he lives with us for many more years.

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    Penguin Takes Over

    We adopted Penguin a few months ago, and he’s managed to take over the household. He’s quite the lap cat (he weighs 16 lbs) and has a very vigorous purr. He’s curiosity personified, can’t stand closed doors, always trying to find a way to open them. Often he succeeds with closet and cabinet doors, and gives you the ‘what?’ look when caught. We love this big boy and his silly antics. And of course, one of his favorite spots is our hand painted bathroom sink. He has exquisite taste!

  • Our big snugglebug

    My 12 year old daughter had wanted a pit bull for quite some time but my husband and I were hesitant about it with their reputation. My daughter found an adorable picture of Lexi online, only 3 months old, so I figured she probably didn’t have any behavior issues yet. We inquired about her and her foster mom assured me that she didn’t have a mean bone in her body. So we gave her a try and she most definitely is a sweetheart. She just doesn’t realize how big she is and wants our two little terriers to play with her, but they keep her in line even though she’s 5 times their size. Anyway, our entire family has fallen in love with her (well except for one of the terriers, but he has his own issues). We are so glad we adopted her, and I have a whole new attitude towards pits now 🙂 Thank you to all the volunteers that work together to find homes for animals that don’t have one, and especially to Melissa for doing so much for them.

  • New Family

    Red Ryder finds a loving home

    Red Ryder (in the front) came home with me last night. He had lived with his loving foster parents Nicole and Debbie for 9 months after being saved from destruction at a shelter. His new big brother Jake loves him as much as I do! He is so sweet and smiles all the time. They run and play and take turns hopping on my lap. Thank you to the Contra Costa Humane Society for all you do!



  • Tigger

    My Cat Tigger …

    Tigger was adopted as a kitten and just turned 12. Besides a few cat-astrophes, he’s a really great cat. Please keep up the great work, CCHS!!! You are so knowledgeable and super nice to work with!

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