Courtesy Listings

These animals are looking for new homes. This is a referral service only, and postings are provided as a courtesy by CCHS Rehoming Assistance Program.

The descriptions and photographs of this animal are provided by the animal’s guardian; the animal has not been evaluated by CCHS and is not a CCHS animal. Adoption processes and fees are at the sole discretion of the pet’s guardian. CCHS makes no claims as to the health or temperament of these pets and cannot be held liable for any outcomes or damages resulting from adoption.

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Dante is approximately 3 years old. He is about 100 lbs and we think a pit bull mix but could also be part boxer. We have had him for a year now. We found him wandering the streets and when the shelter was going to euthanize him, we decided to adopt him and give him a chance in life. We have done extensive training with him as he had absolutely none. Unfortunately, with another dog and two cats and a newborn, his energy is too much and we can’t give him what he needs. He is primarily in his crate as he doesn’t know how to settle down or his size. And that’s not fair to him. He just loves people and to cuddle. We just can’t be selfish anymore and have to realize he isn’t thriving here. He would definitely need an experienced adopter.

Dante is easy to train and is eager to please his humans. He is good with other animals but tends to get over exited.

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Missy is a sweet 14 year old senior girl who lost her loving elderly human on 5/2, and is currently being fostered by her human’s social worker. She has been an indoor cat her whole life, and is very mellow and easygoing. She uses the litterbox without fail and has never lifted her paw towards humans or furniture. She’s friendly, purry and chatty, and absolutely loves a good brushing or scritch under the chin. Her foster family picks her up and snuggles her, though she’s not a big lap sitter yet. She’s been introduced to catnip by her foster family, and she’s decided that’s pretty great too! With proper slow introduction she might warm to furry siblings, but she would also adore being a spoiled only pet aka queen of her castle.

For more information on Missy, please email