Courtesy Listings

John Wayne and Chrissy

John Wayne and Chrissy were born in a colony of feral cats and were rescued and adopted when 3 months old. John Wayne was the leader of the pack and the one who came out begging for food. Chrissy watched him from behind, with the rest of the litter. Since they came into my house, John Wayne has always looked after his sister. He is independent and likes to be out in the garden 90% of the time but likes to nap next to Chrissy in the afternoons. They like to lick each other as part of their social bond, and because it helps them keep their fur smooth and clean. 

When it is playtime (right before dinner) they play hide and seek, or soccer with an aluminum foil ball I make for them, or with a blueberry. Playing would continue until they realize I haven’t pay them enough attention, and so it is time to come ask for food. When dinner is ready, I call them, they come, with their tails straight up in excitement, and off they go directly to their room, as I shake their dishes, so John Wayne knows for sure there is food in them. If he doesn’t hear the sound of the little pellets in the dish, he stays in the family room and so I have to go chase him (I can’t fool around with him…) At night, even if they both have their own beds, John Wayne sometimes goes and sleeps on a bed next to Chrissy’s. 

We truly hope they will be able to stay together in their future home. They have been through a rough start and now that they enjoy life in my home, things need to change. They are a beautiful pair of siblings, well-mannered, quiet, independent, lovely, fun, and ready to be a wonderful companion to a human guardian who would be willing to generously open his/her home and heart to them.

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Dante is approximately 3 years old. He is about 100 lbs and we think a pit bull mix but could also be part boxer. We have had him for a year now. We found him wandering the streets and when the shelter was going to euthanize him, we decided to adopt him and give him a chance in life. We have done extensive training with him as he had absolutely none. Unfortunately, with another dog and two cats and a newborn, his energy is too much and we can’t give him what he needs. He is primarily in his crate as he doesn’t know how to settle down or his size. And that’s not fair to him. He just loves people and to cuddle. We just can’t be selfish anymore and have to realize he isn’t thriving here. He would definitely need an experienced adopter.

Dante is easy to train and is eager to please his humans. He is good with other animals but tends to get over exited.

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Ginger is a very sweet and lovable dog.  She is also a very compliant dog.  She does not complain about being petted, brushed or bathed.  If she doesn’t like something, she walks away.  She has never shown any aggressive or retaliatory behavior.  She obeys the house rules about staying off the couch and staying out of the bedrooms.   She also obeys the commands:  Sit, down, stay, Take it, High five, Roll over.

This 9 year old Spaniel/Pomeranian mix is about 11 lbs., she likes to sit on a lap and be petted or just lie there.  She enjoys going outside to chase the occasional squirrel or lay down in a sunny spot.  She is house trained and she uses the doggy door at our house to come and go as she likes.  When people are around, she wants to greet them and interact.  When we play the piano, she sits under the piano bench to listen.  When we eat dinner, she sits at our feet or near our chairs.  She knows we won’t give her anything from the table, so she does not beg for food.  When we cook, she sits nearby, hoping there might be a piece of something tasty that will hit the floor.  She would enjoy a home where people are around to be with during the day or evening.  She would love it if her owner would take her onto their lap for 20 minutes or so each day.  She doesn’t like to go on long walks, so a walk for 2 blocks is just fine to get the latest smells in the neighborhood.