Sweet Estrella is an affectionate, family-oriented Pittie mix who loves to love!

TomTom is a very gentle, confident, easy-going, lap-loving 1-year-old cat!

Adorable, sweet, gentle little Terrier mix Elsa would love to be your girl!

Playful, inquisitive 11-month old Tuxedo kitty Rico will keep you laughing!

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May is packed with great adoption events!
Join us at ARF’s Animals on Broadway on Sunday, May 17th.  And on Saturday, May 30th and Sunday, May 31st, find your new best friend at Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days, where all animals are free to qualified homes!

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Spring is kitten season – learn what to do if you’ve found kittens in your area.

Can you guess… how many different vocal sounds dogs & cats have?

CCHS endeavors to educate the public to foster compassion, responsibility and respect toward all animals by providing information and resources on a variety of animal and people related topics.

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