Sweet Estrella is an affectionate, family-oriented Pittie mix who loves to love!

TomTom is a very gentle, confident, easy-going, lap-loving 1-year-old cat!

Adorable, sweet, gentle little Terrier mix Elsa would love to be your girl!

Playful, inquisitive 11-month old Tuxedo kitty Rico will keep you laughing!

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May 5th is East Bay Gives day – a day of local giving. CCHS is proud to participate!

Join us in May at two great adoption events: ARF’s Animals on Broadway and Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days!

 Shop to your heart’s content while supporting CCHS through our Cafe Press site.

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Spring is kitten season – learn what to do if you’ve found kittens in your area.

Can you guess… how many different vocal sounds dogs & cats have?

CCHS endeavors to educate the public to foster compassion, responsibility and respect toward all animals by providing information and resources on a variety of animal and people related topics.

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